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What am I getting into?

This class is for Christians at any place in their journey who want to grow. It could be a starting place for a new Christian or a

great motivation for a seasoned believer.


We spend so much time staying in shape (or trying to get there). And it’s not just our bodies. We work hard to keep our finances in good shape. We work on our relationships to keep them in shape; our diets, our jobs, even our front lawns! But it doesn’t “just happen” it takes planning and discipline.


That’s why we’ve developed “Spiritual Fitness: A plan for spiritual growth.” The Bible is FULL of teaching on how to grow in our walk with God and build areas of our life that are weak. Usually these things are called “spiritual disciplines.”


Over the course of 6 weeks we will take a tour through the gym of spiritual growth and spend time learning about and practicing some great habits you can use daily.


Spiritual Fitness is packed with tools , resources, and answers presented in a relatable way. If you’ve started a journey with God through Jesus and want to be intentional about your growth, Spiritual fitness is the Perfect place for you!

What will it be about?

Over the 6 weeks we will to review 6 specific spiritual disciplines and give you tools you can implement into your life right away. Here’s a list of each weeks topics:


Week 1 – Prayer:

Prayer is the most direct and personal connection we have with God. wW’ll be talking about different types of prayer we see in the Bible and explore how we can really maximize our communication with God.


Week 2 – The Word:

“The Word” is what a lot of people call the Bible. Our goal is to learn more about the arrangement of the Bible and some techniques on getting ourselves into more often.


Week 3 – Fasting and Sabbath:

Fasting and Sabbath are about making room for God’s voice in your life. What is it? Why is it helpful? How is it done? Well, that’s what week 3 is all about.


Week 4 – Generosity:

The heart of God is a heart of generosity. It’s part of spiritual fitness and can really shape our walk with God. This week we’ll be looking at how that can be practiced in easy and consistent ways.


Week 5 – Clean Conscience and Repentance:

Through Jesus we have the chance to DAILY clean the slate and start fresh. It takes practice and it takes work. You’ll be so glad you stuck around through week 5!


Week 6 – Evangelism:

Christians have the most awesome announcement to share with the world and sharing that news with your friends is called, “EVANGELISM.” In this final week we’ll talk about the discipline of evangelism. Why is it hard? How can we make it a natural part of what we do? What are some good ways to be better evangelists in our daily lives?


When: The class meets weekly for 6 weeks. Currently the course is taught in the on Sunday evenings from 5:30-7:00 pm.

Where: Time, day, and location may change from season to season. Currently the classes are behind held at The Bair Foundation located at 3145 Orchard Ave. in Wilmington.


Spiritual Fitness is a plan for spiritual growth. Each week you’ll be given and shown resources that will help you create a custom plan for your life.

Each student will receive:

Class notes for use in class each week as well as reference for years to come

A journal to chronicle your 6 week journey

Access to online resources that we’ve collected as tools to explore faith and God.

I want in!

If you are interested in information about the next session of Spiritual Fitness, please fill out the comments form below and we will reply with some additional information.

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