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Check here for our updates about how the Coronavirus is affecting our large group meetings

A friend texted us a powerful thought this week, 

"Several times in history the church has been driven “underground”. The goal was to stay out of sight because persecution was so severe. Today we are driven onto the world wide web, for the whole world to see. We want the world to see Jesus!"

We're living in weird times, it's true. But God can redeem these weeks in so many ways. Keep your head up!

As promised, we’re going to keep a week-to-week communication going about how our church family can stay connected during these times of social distancing. After meeting with some of our leaders this week, here are some things you can know.

Sunday Service and Small Groups move to online format:
In keeping with the continued protocol, we will not be having any person to person gatherings. This means our Sunday services remain online. Currently, we are planning to continue that until further notice. As of now, the best place to join us will be on Please note, you do not have to have an account or be a “Facebook user” to use that link and view the service.

If you are in a small group, we want to encourage you to find ways to connect. Group texts, social media, and even better try to do video conferences:

  • “Google Hangout” is great if your group has google based emails like Gmail

  • Zoom may work better with groups that use a variety of email servers. 

Another Great  Resource:
Did you know we have access to an awesome resource called “Right Now Media?” It’s like Netflix for Christian video resources. There are great videos, teaching series, children’s programs, and more. You can get your own account for FREE today at

Church Events:
There were several events on our church calendar over the coming weeks. Please consider all of them postponed until further notice. Most of the venues we use for those events have already contacted us to let us know that they are closed for several weeks. 

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Online Resources for Kids and Families!

Hey parents! May we use this extra time at home to be creative in how we SHINE LIGHT! Here are some ideas:

Invite your kids to write letters of encouragement 

to the elderly, to teachers, firefighters, police, doctors and nurses, etc.

Family Devotion Time!

Need some ideas? check this out!

This site has worksheets, games, and  devotionals.

Creative Ideas:

Need inspiration for your kiddos during this unexpected break from normal life? We’ve purchased many of our materials for Sunday morning Kid classes from an awesome website called Children’s Ministry Deals. They’re now offering a ton of their devotionals, games, coloring pages, etc. for FREE and have given us permission to share with all our families. Please check out this link


Some fun CRAFT ideas!



Bible Word Search Puzzles:



Right Now Media

All Venture families are invited to create a FREE account at Right Now Media which has some awesome resources for ALL ages.

Finally, find a GREAT list of Online Children’s Church Services:


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