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This prayer guide is designed to be used for 12 days − our church family went through it together in Oct. 2022 but you can start it any time! 

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“Above and Beyond” is about aiming our hearts and our resources at reaching more people for Jesus by planting ourselves in a neighborhood where we can make a difference.

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Not equal gifts but equal Sacrifice."

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Some Big Questions

Why not stay at the Y?

Great question. We’ve seen God do amazing things through our time at the Y. However, our rental agreement only allows us to use the facility for a few hours on Sundays and we desire to have space to impact people’s lives all week long. Our new space will allow us to minister in so many new ways.

When do we move in?

If you’ve ever been involved in construction you’ll understand why we haven’t put an exact date on it yet. But our building team is currently projecting that we’ll be able to actually have services in the new space by the end of 2022! It’s likely that we’ll move in and get situated through a “soft launch” of some kind at that point and then plan for a date in early 2023 to really have a “grand opening.”

Is there an opportunity for me to learn more?

Yes! As a family we want to be transparent and for everyone to have a voice. Over the next few months, we have scheduled several gatherings where you can hear more about the heart of our move, the goals for our ministry, and be given an opportunity to ask questions.

What do you want from me?

The first thing we all need to do is pray. Pray for guidance. Pray for faith. Pray that we truly make a difference in the community we’re moving to. Also, pray about committing the most generous gift of your life towards this vision. This is between you and the Lord. Yes, we’re talking about finances now, but we believe our faith calls us to do all things “above and beyond” in every area of our life.

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