Come Join Us

In Person!

After all the waiting it is so exciting to share that we are RE-ENTERING in-person church services at the YMCA on February 7th and we would LOVE for you to join us.

Covid Considerations

Here are a Few Things You'll Need To Know:

1: This is Optional:

If you are high risk for contracting COVID, believe you may be sick, or have other reasons for not gathering like this please know that we are fully supportive of your choice to wait a little longer before you come in person. We will still be hosting online experience we've been having for months now. 

2: Masks Will Be Required:

The YMCA requires all people using their facility for any reason to wear a mask while in the building. This currently a contingency of our ability to use the building. 


3: Other Covid Precautions:

  • Temp Checks: We will ask every person entering the building to submit to a non-touch forehead scan for temp check. Temps about 100.4 will be turned away for the day. (YMCA requirements)

  • Place your own seat: When you arrive you'll be able to grab a folding chair from a chair rack and take it to where you want to seat.

  • Seating by household and socially distanced: There will be clean tables prearranged in a "restaurant style" in the audience seating area where families/households can sit together comfortably. This has been working great in our preview services. Those not seated at tables are asked to simply spread their seats out at least 6 feet from other households.

  • Communion: For those who wish to partake, we are using pre-packaged communion cups which will be handed out by a volunteer with gloves. 

4: Kids:

  • We are now offering kids classes for 4th grade and younger during the main service. Kids will be checked in with a background checked and trained volunteer to a class where they will enjoy an age appropriate class. They can be picked up by a parent after church service ends. 

  • We will also have an area for parents of babies who may need to step away from the main room to nurse, feed, or just be a little more busy. This will not be a volunteer staffed area but the service will be streaming in this room for mom and/or dad.

Other Questions:

What Volunteers roles are needed?

The Production and Host Teams are going to temporarily realign as the “Set-up Team”.


There will, of course, be more technical roles and less technical roles, but in order to synergize our efforts, we’re going to work together.  The specific roles will be worked out in the first few weeks. 

What does setup look like?

Having a full gym at the YMCA is such a blessing. We’ve got a room layout that will allow plenty of social distancing.

  • Chairs will be set up in a clustered fashion for households to sit together.

  • We also have access to many small tables at the YMCA so that most of these clusters can be gathered at tables. Which, we hope, will create a great energy.

  • We do plan to have coffee as long there are volunteers who can make it happen. 

  • Communion will be in the pre-packaged cups for now and placed around the room at the tables and other places and/or handed out as people enter to reduce moving around and contact with others. 


A HUGE portion of our conversation about re-entry has centered around what will happen with kids.

Volunteers with Kids: Volunteers are always welcome to bring their kids along. Ideally, we can help them find ways to help! S


SOMETIMES we’re able to provide a space for smaller kids to be watched while their parents are serving for set-up. However, that will be a moving target right now. We’re looking for some people who can own that portion. 

Kids during services: MOST churches we have spoken to who have restarted services have either greatly reduced their Sunday morning kid's programming or kept it closed completely. However, our team is landing on what seems to be an excellent middle ground. In order to keep it manageable, we'll most likely limit classes to Preschool and Kindergarten for now. We will also have a room for our parents with babies where the service will be streaming so you can step out if you need to without missing anything. This whole plan will improve over time. Thanks for being patient.  

Will Online Services Continue?

Yes. Our goal is to provide both online and in-person services that are quality. 

We will continue to offer online services. In addition to providing services for locals who aren’t ready to come in person, we have also connected with a considerable weekly audience of people who don’t live locally! We are happy to provide this for all of the above.