Re-Entry Plan... We Need You!

After all the waiting it is so exciting to share that we are making plans for RE-ENTRY to in-person church services at the YMCA on February 7th and we would LOVE your help with that.

As we move forward, few thoughts:

This is Optional: 

We know that there is a wide spectrum of comfort with attending larger gatherings. And we want to make it perfectly clear that no one should feel "obligated" to jump back in yet if you have a health and safety concern.

There Will Be Safety Protocol:

It's our goal to make re-entry gradual and take the "more cautious" road in terms of social distancing, masks, and other protocol. Nothing that is super difficult, but if these protocols end up being more than you're willing to submit to, again, no hard feelings. We will, however, ask our volunteers to follow the protocol. 


If history is any indication, eventually we will be living in a post COVID world. Hopefully sooner than later! 

Re-Entry Timeline

Jan 10

Moving Day (Volunteers Only)

  • Our production team will be moving the gear and setup for services from the community room at the YMCA where we have been filming for several months to the main gymnasium on January 10th.

  • Consider this the first of 4 “practice weeks”

  • Volunteers arrive at 7:30 (this may change as the weeks go on)

  • We'll work to realign our volunteer teams to make set up and worship as smooth as possible. (Many hands make light work!) 

  • Some of the roles we used to have won't be needed for a few months and there are also new roles available for you to try as we create the online service.

  • There are roles for all skill levels and interests.

  • We will have an online service as well as invite any volunteers who end up scheduled or show up for this day to be a small in-person audience.

  • There will be no kids programming. 



Working Out the Bugs

(Volunteers Only)

  • The newly aligned teams will take time to train volunteers in new roles where needed and play around with various set-up options. 

  • We will also continue to have an online service as well as invite any volunteers who end up scheduled for this day to be a small in-person audience.

  • There will be no kids programming. 



Re-entry Day:

Come Join Us!

Re-entry day!!

Service will be open to people who are not volunteering!

Kids Classes for Kindergarten and Pre-K begin

Other Questions:

What Volunteers roles are needed?

The Production and Host Teams are going to temporarily realign as the “Set-up Team”.


There will, of course, be more technical roles and less technical roles, but in order to synergize our efforts, we’re going to work together.  The specific roles will be worked out in the first few weeks. 

What does setup look like?

Having a full gym at the YMCA is such a blessing. We’ve got a room layout that will allow plenty of social distancing.

  • Chairs will be set up in a clustered fashion for households to sit together.

  • We also have access to many small tables at the YMCA so that most of these clusters can be gathered at tables. Which, we hope, will create a great energy.

  • We do plan to have coffee as long there are volunteers who can make it happen. 

  • Communion will be in the pre-packaged cups for now and placed around the room at the tables and other places and/or handed out as people enter to reduce moving around and contact with others. 


A HUGE portion of our conversation about re-entry has centered around what will happen with kids.

Volunteers with Kids: Volunteers are always welcome to bring their kids along. Ideally, we can help them find ways to help! S


SOMETIMES we’re able to provide a space for smaller kids to be watched while their parents are serving for set-up. However, that will be a moving target right now. We’re looking for some people who can own that portion. 

Kids during services: MOST churches we have spoken to who have restarted services have either greatly reduced their Sunday morning kid's programming or kept it closed completely. However, our team is landing on what seems to be an excellent middle ground. In order to keep it manageable, we'll most likely limit classes to Preschool and Kindergarten for now. We will also have a room for our parents with babies where the service will be streaming so you can step out if you need to without missing anything. This whole plan will improve over time. Thanks for being patient.  

Will Online Services Continue?

Yes. Our goal is to provide both online and in-person services that are quality. 

We will continue to offer online services. In addition to providing services for locals who aren’t ready to come in person, we have also connected with a considerable weekly audience of people who don’t live locally! We are happy to provide this for all of the above.

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