The Vision and House Church:

Venture Church began meeting in homes in January of 2013 as a group of about 8-10 friends who wanted to learn how to chase God together. As the group grew, the vision for being a church for people who don’t like church took form. People have many opinions about and experience with Church but we believe that church doesn’t have to be complicated. In fact, we believe it can be a lot of fun!

One of our very first house-church gatherings

Sunday Service at the The YMCA (Pre-fire)

2013 Public Launch at the YMCA:

In the fall of 2013, we launched weekly services at the Wilmington YMCA on Market Street where we met until February of 2015. During this time, our church family really took shape. Small groups began meeting around town during the week and many people began finding their way to Jesus.

2015 The Fire and Move to Alderman:

Early on a Sunday morning in February, there was a fire at the YMCA. The building was destroyed. Since it was in the middle the night, no one was hurt. However, we were displaced. The community rallied around the YMCA and as the news spread we received an offer to us to move our weekly services to Alderman Elementary School in February of 2015 where we met until June of 2017.

Sunday Service at Alderman Elementary School

2017 The Summer of Roaming/ AMC:

Over the Summer of 2017 we rented space at the First Baptist Activity Center on Independence Blvd while we prayed and search for another long term venue.
Beginning August 6th, 2017 Venture began meeting at the AMC Theater at 111 Cinema Drive in Wilmington, where we meet weekly now.

Sunday Service at the AMC Theater

2018 Elders:

In march of 2018 We ordained our first group of Elders. 4 godly men who had spent 14 months in prayer and preparation for the the role of shepherding the congregation.

Ordination of our first Elders. March 2018

2018 – Founding of D.A.R.T.- ILM:

Disaster Assistance Relief Teams of Wilmington (Dart ILM or Dart) is a ministry focused on mobilizing response teams in areas affected by natural disaster in the greater Wilmington NC area. We exist due to the combined efforts of Venture Church and Cape Fear Christian Church in Partnership with I.D.E.S. (International Disaster Emergency Services). Learn More at: www.dartILM.org

A DART ILM Team after building an IDES Shed

2019 – Current:

After 4 years of construction, the YMCA reopened and invited Venture Church to return for Sunday services and other ministry opportunities. On January 6, 2019 We moved back to the YMCA.
The details above are just a shadow of the real story of our church; a map of places we have met on Sundays. Through all this time, we have truly learned that church is FAMILY not FACILITY. It is our mission to do whatever it takes to love people and lead them into a lifelong journey with Jesus. We Value Loving People, Training in Truth, and Leaving a Legacy for years to come! It is our goal to be “God Chasing, Grace Shaped, Love Agents!” No one should Venture alone… Join the Venture!