Love Agent Week 2018

At Venture Church, we strive to be “God Chasing, Grace Shaped, Love Agents! But it’s not just words… we want to give one another the chance for the rubber to meet the road. That’s why we’re taking a whole week: August 19-25, to have our annual “Love Agent Week!” A different challenge every day.
Here’s how it works:
Each day, accept a new challenge to strategically love someone with the heart of God. There is a different challenge every day. Each day has a theme… it’s simple. While you’re at it, encourage your friends through your social networks by posting about the day’s challenge and using the daily hashtag and #LoveAgentWeek.
Here are the daily challenges:

day 1


Love Your Neighbor
Take time to meet a neighbor you don’t already know or show some love to a neighbor you’ve been meaning to know better. Here are some ideas: Bake them cookies, help with groceries, help them move in, mow their grass!


Love With a Meal
Love someone by sharing a meal. Here are some ideas: invite someone over to eat supper, buy lunch for a co-worker, take food to a homeless person, donate to a food pantry, serve at a soup kitchen, etc.
BONUS: For Supper, meet up with a friend at an Islands Fresh Mex Grill near you for Taco Tuesday! Venture peeps will be start meeting at 6:30 at an Islands near you. 
day 2


Love A Hero
Show love to a community hero; A first responder, civil servant, school teacher, mailman, garbage collector, etc. Here are some ideas: buy them donuts, take them water, buy them lunch, visit a firehouse to say thanks.
day 4


Unexpected Love
Love someone unexpectedly without need for recognition. Here are some ideas: Buy someone’s meal/coffee behind you in line, call someone unexpectedly to encourage them, do a household chore that is typically someone else’s job, mow your neighbor’s grass, etc.
day 5


Love through Thanks
Take time to love someone by expressing thanks to someone who has made a difference in your life. Here are some ideas: Call them, write a card and mail it, text them, FB them. Say thanks!!
day 6


Serve Together
We arepartnering with dozens of other organizations and churches in town to pull off the Community Back to School Bash!
At this event, we will be giving away 2,500 book bags with school supplies to students in need. Not only that, but we’ll have a chance to show love to families of the community through a huge festival of fun. There will be free food, games, and activities for all ages. Our church will host a tent called the “Love Agent Tent” where people can stop by for creative and fun ways to give back to the community through acts of service. There are many opportunities to volunteer.