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This past Sunday, in our “Lamp Lighter” series, we saw that the light of God gives us navigation. And one of the big points was that “God’s Word Gives Direction.” You may have questions about the reliability of the Bible. You may also be unsure about where to begin as read it. Below are some resources that will be very helpful.

Is the Bible Reliable?

The Bible is the number 1 best-selling book of all times. It’s the source of inspiration for millions and within its pages, it claims to be the very word of God.

It’s also a book that countless people have attempted to discredit and disprove. The result has been that many modern readers are unsure of how to see the Bible. Is it really a divine writing or is it something less? How could a modern person find faith in the Bible.

Well, it’s true that many have attempted to discredit the Bible. Interestingly enough, many of those people have instead been convinced of its reliability and have become believers! Below are links to a blog series called “Trusting the Bible.” Click through the 4 pages and start a journey towards understanding how a modern person might be able to find faith in the pages of an ancient book.

  1. Trusting the Bible Part 1: Getting Started
  2. Trusting the Bible Part 2: The Bibliographical Test
  3. Trusting the Bible Part 3: Internal Examination
  4. Trusting the Bible Part 4: The External Test

Where do I start when reading the Bible?

Below is a message from a few years ago from a teaching series we called, “Soul Food.” In this lesson the question is “where do I start.” Specifically, it’s an overview of how the Bible is laid out and where you can begin as you read it.  Take some time to dig in and listen to this message.



Check out the full audio of the Lamplighter series on our podcast


How God’s Word Gives Direction

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