God For the Rest of Us – Starts Easter Sunday

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God For the Rest of Us

Join us at Venture Church on Easter Sunday and for the 5 weeks following as we start “God for the Rest of Us!” As Church for people who don’t like Church

, our goal is to tear down the walls that have kept people away from Church and God so that we can build a bridge to the one thing that matters most… Jesus!

There is an idea among some people that God has a limited field of vision. Like he’s forgotten some people or isn’t interested in others. Or maybe the only path to God is to somehow earn his love by being super religious, a goody-goody or having your life all “put together”. But that’s not the message we see in the Bible! Instead, what we see is that God is all about people with problems! He’s FOR skeptics and the confused, FOR the broken marriages and FOR dysfunctional families, he’s FOR the alcoholic and the apathetic. God is really FOR the rest of us. Real people is this real world.

For  the next 6 weeks we’ll be looking at all the people God is FOR. Maybe you’ve got some big doubts about God, God’s is FOR you. In week 2 we’ll be doing “God for the doubter.” You should come back and see what Good news God has for you. The following week we’ll see that God is for the Dysfunctional Family. Maybe that’s just what you needed. God is for the rest of us..so for 6 weeks we’ll be digging into more topics to see what the Bible has to say to you in your situation.

Bonus Resources:

Each week, we’ll have some resources to help you dig in a little deeper. You can get any of these books online or at any book seller but we’ll have them at Venture for only $5 each. (Which is about 70% off of the cover price)

  • The Book, “God for the Rest of Us.”: Our teaching series is based on ideas from this book. The author of this book, Vince Antonucci, grew up FAR from God. His Dad was a conman and professional Gambler they spent his whole childhood running from bookies and police. This book is about about his journey to discovering God. it’s all so full of stories of people’s lives who he’s helped lead to Jesus through starting a church in las Vegas that was focused on reaching the Vegas strip with the light of Jesus.
  • There is also a 40 day devotional guide called “Devo for the rest of us.”: A 40 day Bible Study you can do alone or with a friend. It’s great if you’re just trying to get your feet under you with a good habit of being in the Bible and thinking about God every day. So grab one of those.
  • The mini-book, “God’s Love for the rest of us”: This book will be given away FREE to anyone who wants one while supplies last. It’s only 3 chapters and it’s great if you’re a little “on the fence” about God.

None of these 3 books repeat information so you can enjoy all 3!

Bring a friend and come be a part of what God is doing at Venture Church!

God For the Rest of Us – Starts Easter Sunday

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