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Hey parents! Venture Kids is infant through 5th grade. We want to invite your kids to experience safe, age-appropriate environments where they can learn about Jesus in a creative and relevant way. Each Sunday we look forward to teaching your children about the amazing love of Jesus through simple Bible truths, creative games, and interactive fun! Thanks for stopping by!


- Bethel Pearl, Venture Kids Director


Here’s what to expect when visiting Venture Kids for the first time.


  • Plan to arrive a few minutes before the service starts. (9:50 is great)

  • Check-in: Visit the ‘Check-In Hub’ in the front lobby. (See Below)

  • After you check-in: We love to let families worship God together, so most weeks we start off in the main service in the gym together for a time of singing before the kids are dismissed to their classrooms.

  • Going to Class: There will be a clear moment after singing when the kids are dismissed. 

  • Safety and Security: All of our kids volunteers are background checked and trained. We also station security volunteers in the hallways to be sure that that the area is secure. 


Our teachers focus on teaching the Bible to each age group in an age-appropriate, interactive and fun way! 

The Check-In    Hub

Getting Started with Check-in:

When you arrive, look for the area just through the front lobby marked ‘Check-In Hub’ where a trained volunteer will be excited to meet your family and help you get checked in. (We use tablets to ensure that the process is secure and straightforward.)

  • For your child's safety, we'll ask for a few personal details: 

    • Parent/guardian names, child’s name, child’s birthday, home address, phone number, and any special instructions such as allergies or special needs for your children.


  • You and your child will be given matching security tags that are unique to your family and your visit.

    • Check In:

      • Your child will need to wear the name tag portion of the matching stickers, which bears a code that will be matched to your portion during checkout at the end of service. You will keep the other portion.

    • Check Out:  

      • Return to the ‘Hub’ after service and scan your tag at one of the tablets in order for your child to be released back to you.


During Service:

If your child needs you during the service, we can contact you by displaying the unique code from your security tag on the screen in the main service.

Fashion Kids

Sunday Morning Classes

Once the kids go back to their classes, they'll be divided into one of these 4 groups. We like to have fun  by using a mascot for each age group.


Infant-2yr old Nursery


We consider it an honor to have
the opportunity to consistently play a part in your little one’s life. It is exciting to be a part of
their growth and to see God work in their young lives. We provide a safe, loving, and exciting learning environment because we firmly believe that, even at this early age, it’s vital that they begin to hear the name of Jesus!


Pre-K (and Potty Trained)


3-5 year olds are full of energy and ready to move! They are absorbing every single detail of their surroundings. This class seeks to harness those special features and teach Bible stories on their level while giving them the chance to explore and play.


1st-3rd Graders


The younger elementary class will challenge and encourage these young 'lions' with their boundless energy and enormous potential. They'll get to play games based on the Bible lesson while also having some more focused "sit down and learn" time.


4th-5th Graders


We recognize that these older ‘wise owls’ are ready for a different
approach and so we’ve designed a separate class and unique learning environment for our older
elementary students, 4th-5th graders. Their teachers use age-appropriate lessons to help these
visionaries dig deep, wrestle with the hard questions, and strengthen their faith in God. It is a
joy to walk alongside these amazing young men and women at such a pivotal time in their life.

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