At The Movies: Heroes Edition

AT THE MOVIES BLOGH EADERThere is something about Super Hero stories that just gets our attention. Maybe it’s the dream of being more than “just normal.” or maybe it’s because most people genuinely wish they could make the world a better place. Maybe it’s our unquenchable desire for really expensive special-effects-packed-summer-blockbuster-hits?

One of the coolest things about God, is that ANYTHING can be a launching pad into a conversation about Him and His truth. When we see the world through the redemptive story of Jesus, EVERYTHING looks different. So, starting on August 28th, we’re going to do something kinda awesome at Venture Church. For our annual Movie Series we’ll be pulling out the costumes and secret identities for “At The Movies: Super Heroes Edition” Each week we’ll use a new super hero story as the spring board to dive deeper into learning about God and studying the Bible.

Which Heroes will we use? Well.. you’ll have to come to find out. But my guess is, you won’t be disappointed!

Grab some popcorn, put on your favorite super hero T-shirt, invite a friend … and meet us at Alderman Elementary School for “At the Movies: Super Hero Edition.” See you there!

At The Movies: Heroes Edition

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