A Beautiful Contrast: The Sermon on the Mount



Why would someone want to be a Christian? There are so many options when it comes to world-view, so why is it that Christians believe that theirs is “the best” or somehow the most desirable to God? That’s a pretty profound question and there might be dozens of great answers. Chief of which is the claim that Christians hold of Jesus being God in the flesh who came to offer forgiveness of sins! But is there more? Are there tangible elements of Christianity? Elements of the faith that can be seen? Measured? Touched?

In the book of Matthew, we have a 3 chapter section of Jesus’ teaching called “The Sermon on the Mount.” In this section of teaching it can be seen that, not only does Jesus promise spiritual renewal and salvation to those who follow him BUT ALSO those who follow him can live in such a way that the WORLD is changed around them simply by their presence.

The way Christians should live should not just be “different” than the world… but a “Beautiful Contrast!” We should be shining light in dark places, loving the unloved, serving the under-privileged, bringing hope to the hopeless.

Since the sermon on the Mount is packed with content, we’ll be taking our time with it. “Beautiful Contrast: Studying the Sermon on the Mount” will begin May 8th and will last 5 weeks. We’ll take a few weeks intermission over the summer to talk about something else and then dive in to part two later.

This is the most concentrated collection of Jesus teachings in the Bible and it’s going to be both challenging and life altering to take them in as a church family! Don’t miss a week of Beautiful Contrast.

A Beautiful Contrast: The Sermon on the Mount

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